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Wait ... what's RED-S?

Listen to my podcast below to learn more about the importance of recovering from Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (aka RED-S).


"Lindsey is super supportive"

 My experience was amazing. Anyone who signs up will learn all facets of eating: nutrition, athletic performance, enjoyment of it, and the mental side of it. Lindsey is super supportive, never judgemental, yet challenges your thinking at the same time. I highly highly recommend going through the program.

- Langley,

Rock Climber and new Mom

" I can't thank Lindsey enough ..."

for her guidance with my daughter. She's given my daughter nutrition skills to last a lifetime, and I am now confident that my daughter's eating habits won't shorten her lifetime.  My daughter is  running better than ever, and happily succeeding in her freshman year away at college. The program was worth every penny and more; there is nothing more important that I could have spent the money on.  I strongly recommend Rise Up Nutrition for people looking for coaching to meet the unique nutritional needs of an athlete.  

- Chris, 

Parent of College Runner

"This has changed my life"

LINDSEY THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Your kind heart and support have been key to my recovery and I want you to know you truly have touched me an changed my life.   

- Elizabeth, 

High School Athlete

"I definitely recommend"

  Lindsey is amazing! She meets you where you are at and supports you through everything 100%. I was hesitant starting and was not sure if I would actually be able to overcome my thoughts and actions but Lindsey believed in me the whole way and never stopped encouraging me. Lindsey individualizes the program to you and makes you feel so cared for and understood. If you are interested in this program I definitely recommend it! 

- Jen, 

Collegiate Athlete & Exercise Science Grad Student


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